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Wall Art Textiles

Wall Art Textiles

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These beautiful handmade mud cloth textiles from Mali creates the perfect conversation piece about the beauty of diversity and culture.  Each piece is mounted on handmade wood wall art hangers.

The term “mudcloth” is translated from the Malian language Bambara. “Bògòlanfini” as it is called in Bambara, combines three root words: “bogo” meaning earth or mud, “lan” meaning ‘with’, and “fini” meaning cloth.

The  technique of making Malian cloth  is very tedious.  Traditionally the material is actually made of cotton on a narrow loom then stitched together by men in the village.  It is then given to the women in the village to perform a bath of mud which consists of local plants and roots.  It is then painted with images that tell stories of family, village history and generally lifeThe tradition dates back to the 12th century

Length:  30 in

Width:  9 in

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