Collection: Artisan Soaps

Our artisan soaps are made with manifesting in mind.  We’ve always formulated our soaps for elevation; however now we are clearly outlining how you can benefit from our creations.  

Each day we wake up to face a day that may come with mental and physical challenges.  It may include the knowledge that you are limited financially because of your position.  Yet that can change that with the power of manifestation.  Start the day attracting your desires.  You can create change by elevating your thoughts through your sense of smell, touch, sight and sound.  Start with a wonderful lather which exudes scents of flowers and herbs known for their manifesting powers.  Listen to the water as it flows upon you.  Look at lather and set your intention for the day.  As you cleanse, visualize how you wish for the day to go.  Then rinse, and show gratitude.  This will help to start the day on a high note because you’re on top of your game. Great things are happening in the atmosphere on your behalf.  So get excited.  

Handcrafted in small batches, herbs and essential oils, meticulously chosen to bolster and facilitate one's objectives.

Size: 4 oz

Artisan Soaps