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Yes we're online however we make sure we go out into the community because we love meeting our customers..... old and new as well as building relationships.  Fair trade is important and seeing the beauty of it in person is quite impactful.  

Additionally, we are artisans.  We specialize in the area of skincare.  Thus we've created a bath and body care line which encompasses essential oil based perfumes, soaps, bath soaks and body butters.  Skincare is really important and it is imperative to care for the inside of your body just as much as the exterior to get the best result.  So with that in mind we started a podcast to educate our customers on best practices, offer recipes and general skin care tips.   This offers an opportunity for us to stay connected and be a benefit to each other.  So, be sure to check out "The Yeht Company Podcast," on Spotify, Podbean and I-Heart Radio.

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