Collection: Artisan Soaps

Why did I decide to start making soap?  I started because of sheer curiosity.  I am an African American woman with children who have varying skin and hair types.  Like many mom’s I tried many brands that promised to relieve the  conditions of my children such as eczema, acne, and  sensitive skin.  And each child's hair type was like a fingerprint.  So finding products that worked to calm and not strip the hair was a challenge.  In addition, simple ingredients appeared not to be in style anymore.  So,  I felt like I had to follow along and big brand soaps a try.

Until one day my dad reminded me by teasing me.  He said “our family made their  own soap for generations.   As many moved from farming to the industrial life of the city.  They decided to leave that behind.”   Then he said, “you don’t have to.”  I thought to myself …I don't. 

That’s when I started researching and learning the craft.  I became a member of the Handcrafted, Soap and Cosmetic Guild to fortify my knowledge.  I then went to family members who told stories of the “cook” which references the cooking of the soap.  I found that to be  interesting and a confirmation.  It was a confirmation of my journey.  I specialize in hot process soap.  So it appears to be a full circle moment.  I had returned to the root.  My family believed in the “root.”  The term pays homage to the power of  nature and all that it commands.  That’s why keeping it simple and natural can be perfect. 

From there we started to look at bath salts because we aspire to be like the salt of the earth.  Offering very good and honest products.  Finally we continued with fragrances to compliment our bath products.  All we offer are small batched, simple, natural, vegan products that are kissed with nature’s essential oils.  That’s it.

I hope you try our wonderful bath and body products.   You will not be disappointed.