Wedding baskets adorn the walls

The Wedding Basket

Wedding baskets adorning the wall.

African baskets are not only useful but also beautiful.  The colors are from cool to vibrant, sizes are endless, and uses varied.  An ideal complement to any home, and they make a great gift.   Yes, even a wedding gift?

A Zambian Wedding Basket would be ideal.  Traditionally, new brides in Zambia are given a Makenge bush basket to ensure the new family begins on a solid foundation.  Often the baskets have been in the family for hundreds of years.  Occasionally being repaired to continue the journey of love and care of the family.

The art of weaving these baskets and many others have been performed for thousands of years.  The baskets are traditionally used for winnowing grain or to collect and store rice. 

Today, it may be found adorning the walls of a Zambian home.  However, these awesome handmade baskets are displayed it is clearly a reminder of the importance of family, love and marriage.

So, if you choose to give this basket as a gift or to acquire it for your own home.  Remember, its truly made with and for love.
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