About Us

Yeht Company started in 2018 with a mission of sharing the beauty of handcrafted works from around the world.  The traditional skill sets which have been passed down through generations is a beauty to see.

In addition to acquiring wonderful items from around the world and following fair-trade principles, we are also artisans.  As a woman from the low country of S.C. I also have traditions that I wanted to share.  Soap making and body care products creation have always been a tradition in my family.  We were always told, “God gave you the ingredients…. so make it.”  And we did.  During Covid we added our creations to our store collection.  Then we decided to make a big change.  We closed our physical store and decided to refocus.  What do I want my store to look like?  I needed to change things significantly.  I had to manifest change just like I manifested the store.

As I did this I found my love and peace.  I created a product line that actually encourages a holistic, healthy lifestyle all while making it simple with wholesome ingredients, and love.




Yeht Company